Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cost of registering with Coupon code?

- ₦1,600 only

Will I make any payment again after my registration?

- NO!

Time Duration for each session?

- Morning session: 10:Am - 12:pm
- Afternoon session: 12:pm - 4:pm
- Evening session: 4:pm - 10:pm

When is the payout date?

- Payout is done on a daily basis. You can withdraw at any time.

What is the minimum payout?

-The minimum amount you can withdraw is ₦500 and you will receive your payment within 24 hours

In what way can I withdraw my earnings?

-You can only withdraw directly to you bank account.

Is multiple accounts allowed?

- No, It is not allowed.

Does Daily Earning rolls over to the next month ?

- No. Your earnings(Daily earning) expires every end of Month, if you refuse to move it to wallet.

What is the Minimum Referral Amount I can withdraw?

- The Minimum Referral amount you can withdraw is ₦1,000 after you have successfully referred 3 persons

How much do I make if I refer people?

- ₦1,000 per person you refer.

Must I refer before I can Earn or withdraw??

- No. You can withdraw all your earning without referral. REFERRAL IS NOT COMPULSORY.

What is the Min-Max Daily Earning I can withdraw or Move to wallet?

- ₦500

When can I Move Daily Earning To Wallet ?

- Anytime within the week.

Must I share daily sponsored post?

- YES. you must share it for you to Move DAILY EARNING to Wallet.

My coupon code Expired, What next?

- When you have won the typing competition for 10 times either through your device or using multiple device to win, your coupon code will expired and you will need to re-pay with either your wallet or via a new coupon code.

I didn't receive ₦50 daily earning, WHY?

- if you typing score is above 200seconds, you won't receive ₦50. You have to type less than 200secs to receive daily earning of ₦50 Once you have accumulated upto ₦2,000 Daily earning, You Earning won't Increase, Until it is moved to wallet for withdrawal.

I referred someone on the mobile app, but no refer bonus,WHY?

- When you refer anyone, ensure you tell them to buy a coupon code before registering on the App. When anyone registered for free with your referral code, you the referee won't receive a bonus until they pay with their wallet or buy coupon code after accessing or creating an account on the App.